• EMDR Therapy

  • Get ready to engage at a new level!

    I specialize in EMDR Therapy which is an evidence-based, effective therapy to:

    *Reduce symptoms of PTSDAnxietyDepressiongrief, loss and bereavementperformance anxiety and other difficult life challenges.
    EMDR is a somatic therapy in which the hemispheres of the brain are stimulated using rapid eye movement in order to help “process” distressing beliefs and feelings and direct the brain to focus on positive material that is more desirable to a person’s well-being. The negative experiences that hold us back from being effective in any area of our lives are like a knot of neural pathways that contain negative beliefs and distressing feelings. EMDR starts to untangle that knot and at the same time starts to replace it with beliefs that enable a person to bring more of their energy to all aspects of their life.

    *Improve skills in performance and creativity (for professional athletes, performers, business professionals, public speakers), mindfulness, stress reduction, confidence, personal growth and overall health and wellness.

    Do you want to feel confident and at ease when speaking in public, during performances, while giving presentations, at social events or in your own creative work?

    Would you like to experience creative flow more often or at a new level?
    Consider EMDR therapy! This well-researched and efficacious treatment for trauma is also used to increase confidence and boost performance to take you to the next level in any area of your life.