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    Telephone: 801-486-1113
    Address: 150 S 600 E Ste 5B Salt Lake City, UT 84102
    Fax: 801-364-3336

    What are your fees and payment options?


    Individual Therapy sessions are $150 for a 50 minute session, and $225 for an 80 minute individual therapy session. I am a panel provider for the following insurance company:  Huntsman Mental Health Institute, HMHI, (University Neuropsychiatric Institute). I will also bill other insurance companies for the out of network reimbursement rates.

    Gottman Couples Therapy sessions are billed as fee-for-service at $160/hour.

    Oral History Interview(80 minutes)—Both partners attend this session that involves a discussion of your present issues, strengths of the relationship, an exploration of your relationship history, and of your families of origin. At the conclusion of this session, I will give each of you a packet of questionnaires to complete individually and confidentially. You will bring the completed packet to your individual therapy sessions.
    Initial Individual Sessions(50 minutes per partner)—I meet with each of you individually, usually just once, to better understand your perspective of the relationship dynamics, issues, and concerns, and to clarify any questions you have regarding the Assessment Questionnaire.
    Feedback session(80 minutes)—In this session, I will discuss the research findings of John Gottman, Ph.D., as they pertain to your relationship. I will provide my assessment of your relationship’s strengths and challenges, and make recommendations for treatment. If you wish, this session can be recorded at no additional cost, for your future reference.
    Initial Visit New Client: Individual therapy 80 min: $225
    Individual therapy 50 min: $150
    Individual therapy 80 min: $225
    Initial Visit New Couple 80 min: $270
    Couples therapy 80 min: $240
    Couples Individual therapy 50 min: $160
    Family Therapy 50 min: $160
    Family Therapy 80 min: $240


    Please pay for services using your Visa, American Express, personal check, or cash. You may use debit health care cards as well. Bills are generated at the end of each month and payment is expected immediately upon receipt.


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