• My approach with couples combines research-based methods…

    I work with all categories of couples: pre-marital, long-term, couples in blended families, couples contemplating divorce, couples raising young children. I am especially skilled in helping men understand the role of feelings in effective communication.

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  • Individual Counseling

    Individual counseling is a good way to work through issues that are bothering you and to find new and healthier ways of coping with them. My goal when working with you individually is to help you understand your problems more clearly and to develop skills to assist you in feeling more satisfied with your life, more connected to others, more in control of your behaviors, and happier overall.

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  • Gottman Couples Therapy

    Gottman Method Couples Therapy combines the knowledge and wisdom of more than three decades of Gottman research and clinical practice of John and Julie Gottman. Through research-based interventions and exercises, it helps couples break through barriers to achieve greater understanding, connection and intimacy in their relationships.

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  • EMDR Therapy

    EMDR is a somatic therapy in which the hemispheres of the brain are stimulated using rapid eye movement in order to help “process” distressing beliefs and feelings and direct the brain to focus on positive material that is more desirable to a person’s well-being. EMDR starts to untangle that knot and at the same time starts to replace it with beliefs that enable a person to bring more of their energy to all aspects of their life.

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  • I grew up in Utah and received my Bachelors of Psychology from the University of Utah. After completing my undergraduate work, my husband and I moved to Colorado to ski, hike and work in a small Colorado town. I moved to Boulder to attend the Naropa University in Boulder Colorado. I graduated in 1998 with a Masters in Contemplative Psychology. After graduation I moved back to Salt Lake City and worked at Valley Mental Health for 9 years. While working at Valley I obtained a wide variety of experience especially in the areas of Major Mental Illness and Addictions.

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